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  • At FOCUS, we believe in "cradle-to-grave" project management

  • We oversee each project from conception to implementation; sales to start-up.

  • 100% customer satisfaction is the means used to measure success

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FOCUS Integration is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most cost effective solutions tailored to fit your needs. We FOCUS on your needs such that we may exceed your expectations...every time.

Material Handling

Exceeding your handling needs

Automatic Pallet Dispenser/Stacker - (PD1)

  • 2Hp Dual Kevlar Belt Lift
  • Pneumatic Clamp Actuation
  • Up to (20) Pallet Capacity
  • Structural Tube Frame Design
  • 40"x40" - 48"x48" Pallets
  • Positive Pallet Displacment
  • 12" - 30" Top of Conveyor
  • Up to 300 Pallets per Hour
  • Optional Pass-through Design
  • Optional Controls Package

Available Media:

Powered Lift Conveyor

  • Controlled Scissor Lift Actuation
  • Upper/Lower Limits
  • Self Contained Power Packages
  • Adaptable to Roller or Chain Conveyor
  • Optional Controls Package

Available Media:

  • not yet available

Recipricating Vertical Conveyors

  • Multistrand Chain Lift
  • 4000lb Load Capacity
  • Lift Elevations to Suit
  • Adaptable to Roller or Cgain Conveyor
  • Optional Controls Package

Available Media:

  • not yet available